Favourite Spaces

You choose your thoughts which evoke emotions and 
put words in your mouth which lead to your actions.

Do you accept this belief?

The recurring sequence from thought to follow through happens over and over again every day of your life.

Is it your belief then that whatever ailments you have, whatever situation you are in, it started with the thought choices you created and multiplied? This can be powerful life nurturing big bang when you are guided by this belief and consciously choose to guide your thoughts for positive results.

Those thoughts of busy, tired, sore, sick, down, out, lost are a go to habit that can be noticed and replaced.  It is an easier way to dam the consequences and go straight to reason, excuses, blame and judgement on external circumstances for your life, but where is the growth in that?

I take responsibility to connect with the spaces that will nurture the affirming thoughts I choose for my life.

First priority is I want to improve my life, enjoy my life and the company of others.  I am not broke, I don't need fixing yet there is a strong desire to evolve and be a better me than I was a year ago.

I depend on my favourite spaces to help to strengthen who I am and the positive accepting truthful thoughts I entertain in my mind.

Introspection is a space I visit in the morning. The first thoughts spring from the embedded desires and habits and I am on watch to catch the rapid fire thoughts that limit the possibilities.  Thoughts that can manifest into reality. Which ones do I choose to keep?

I make time to be in open spaces, country or coast, both work for me.  These favourite spaces evoke uplifting, grateful, creative thoughts. I need a daily fix of nature spaces, the habit of only the best will do gets stronger here.

Space anytime, anywhere for reading, learning, meditating, bath. It's a time out space, if only for a few moments to say yes again to my dreams and goals.

I would recommend:

1. Master your thoughts and you take responsibility for creating your best life.
2. Know your favourite go to spaces that connect you easily to creating life affirming thoughts.
3. Honour your life through being the best you.

Abundance Thinking

You can rely on Rumi for inspirational words.  Rumi, a 13th Century Persian poet who continues to impress on our lives.  Rumi's phrases and poetry have the power to question and to magnify our existence.  I love this one because it reminds me that abundance is already mine.  I just need to be mindful that I know what I am looking for and I am looking in the right places.

The abundance factor can seem so out of reach.
Yet Rumi says this one small phrase to reinforce it is already here, you already have it.
You have more than enough.

 What does abundance mean to me?

Question its shape and form.
⟿ Dig deeper than the immediate response based on cultural and conditioning beliefs.
  Remove the money factor and limits.
  What is your personal take on more than enough?

What does it look like?
Will you know it when you experience it?
Get specific and go into detail on the form of your abundance.
How you want to live, what you want to taste, who you want to see, where you want to go.

"Abundance - a situation where there is more than enough of something"

An abundance of energy
Abundance of health
Abundance of experiences
     of giving and receiving
An abundance of time
Abundance of joy
Abundance of space
     of travel and adventure

An abundance of strength
Abundance of faith
Abundance of peace
      of kindness and courage

If it was up to me

One of the toughest things to do is look at what you have done or has happened to you in the past and look at it objectively, remove the emotion, see it as a lesson, let go and move on.

I have such admiration for those who say they can do this with ease. It is an incredible skill to master an objective mindset and practise the ability to separate from the attached emotion that holds you in the past.

So much teaching out there about the merits of being present in the moment.  I persevere but you know what life is like, the memories swagger in when you least expect it.

"I remember when..."
My life was easier, tougher, better, worse"
"I carry this hurt, because..."
"I keep making this same mistake"
"Back then, I was stronger, fatter, fitter, smarter..."

How much of my thoughts can I allow to be about the past?
How much is too much that it will keep me stuck there?

There have been studies on this and it may be exaggerated or underrated but for the majority, the thoughts you have about the past is most of the time...over 90%.  That is a serious preoccupation with what you did either yesterday, months or years ago.

If it was up to me it is an easy road to keep travelling over and over again.  It is so automatic to keep going over and over old stuff and if your imagination is fired up you could really exaggerate those past events.  The good is even better, the bad is cringe worthy and the ugly, well that just stirs up lots of emotion.

Even when what you did in the past is holding you back from enjoying now you go there.  It is safe, known and oddly reassuring.

It is up to me to honour the good, the bad and the ugly of past me.   Those memories, those past mistakes and brilliant achievements are all part of the puzzle that makes up who I am.
It is also up to me to whittle down the 90% of time I spend thinking in the past, ramp up the thinking about loving the now and be curious about the possibilities of the future.

I read a reassuring metaphor about life and how it is like the workings of a tapestry.  You look at the back of a tapestry and the thread is in all directions, while what we see on the other side is a beautiful picture.  All the work behind the scenes is creating an intricate masterpiece.

It is up to me to honour my life masterpiece, reflect on the lessons, make every effort to view them as gifts and move on.  I like to think of that tapestry when my thoughts wander to the past and be reassured that yes all is ok, I am a work in progress.

"Life just gets curiouser and curiouser".

Cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English).― Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Words have Power

We know our words are a significant part of how we shape our mental health and our image.

The thoughts we create and collect shape the words that we use and the actions that follow.

I spent some time this morning to affirm what I wanted from me and my life and the funny thing is that most of the words started with the letter "P".

 So, I started writing a list of all the "P" words that I want to show up for me everyday and gauge what is their strength and resonance in my life.

This turned out to be some deep fun to keep me on track and sharpen the focus...journalling with flair.

I will pick my top 5, and rate them out of 10.  I may want to come back and rate the difference again at another time.

So here they are my "P" words today in no particular order.


I rate this one 8 out of 10.  Not sure what a 10 for me would look like, but I think it would be after drinking lots of coffee.  Sometimes passion means to be busy, involved, on target.  When most of the time passion is looking out for what you love and drawing more of that to you.
Right now, passion is the best me, the one that jumps out of bed, curious about my life and enjoying who I am and what I do. Passion feeds into my courage to say bring it on I am ready.


9 out of 10.  I don't know if I would give a 10 to anything, so 9 is feeling good right now.
Peace is a lot easier to come by when you limit news and social media intake. Peace comes from within, and  it is there when I meditate, when I accept it is what it is, when I let go.  Acceptance of who I am and my circumstances.  Peace is breathing slow and steady with a clear mind and it settles my chattering impulses.


I am giving this one a 4. I only sometimes look out for it and I don't spend as much time asking the "what is my purpose question". It doesn't seem to rate highly for me, not such a big deal.  As long as I am learning and helping and achieving, then purpose is there. No title or label to give it a tag. I am ok with that.  Purposeful sits comfortably in the background.


I am a seeker of play and I want to rate this one a 7.  There has to be more play, more fun and not take myself too seriously.  I want to see the funny side of life, look for the light.  Play with words!  Play can get lost as an adult.  We can organise it and make time for it but it's the disorganised, unexpected moments that is a very natural way of being that I want in my life.


I deserve a dignified comfortable life.  My prosperity rating is 9 out of 10.  This is a strong mental attitude that I affirm every day.  I always get what I need and I know that the world is full of possibilities.  I enjoy this feeling of prosperity and I want it to be strong in my life and as a guiding word for others.

Highly recommend the time out to write down the words you repeat to yourself in your life.  Did deeper into what are the words that give power to fuel your strength of mind and character?

Break the habit of working on your faults

How can you be happy and fulfilled if the focus is on your nagging faults, on what you can't do or what you want to stop or what you don't have in your life?  It is just not possible.

Where you spend most of your focus will determine whether the habits you create can either work for you or not at all. Ok, you may be at a time when you want to  change up your habits because of your perceived faults.  If you only look at your faults, that is all you see and spending your time fixing your faults will narrow the view of yourself. It is not the uplifting motivating change you were expecting.

Negative momentum has a short motivation span and can be useful as a spark to get you going but when you stay with only working on your faults, you do get stuck.

Change the view.

Focus on what you bring to this life.  Create the great habits that are life affirming and exploit your strengths.  Yes, you do have wonderful qualities.  Your qualities should be the most important asset to you, not your faults.

There is a motivation cycle as you focus on your qualities and set habits that work for you.

The habits you have instilled in your life are the foundation for your success and success inspires that state of feeling in you that all is right in your world. Ok, now when you have habit achievement that feeds back into the loop of success as something tangible you create and attain and there it is again that feeling of success.  Habits stimulate the feeling of success.

You are tapping into the motivation and inspiration to stay consistent and reach beyond yourself.

When you create new habits with the incentive of removing your faults, it is easy at first then gets tougher to keep. Your faults just keep popping up when you give them so much attention.   Break the habit of working on your faults and look at what thoughts, words and actions will expand your qualities and strengths.  These are the positive life enriching habits that will get easier to mesh into your life and sustain.

May your wishes be fulfilled

As a child you breathed life into your wishes
A soft hush of the unknown yearning
You knew what you wanted
Your wishes showed you it is possible
Another time, another space and your wishes will be fulfilled
You let them go and continued to play
May your wishes be fulfilled.

Now you are all grown up
A million experiences have kept you alert
You are wary of disappointment
Separation says wishes belong to the stories of fairytales
Another time, another space, a door is closed
You let them go and continued to work.

There is a whisper
May your wishes be fulfilled.

You have stopped to listen
There it is again
A soft hush of the unknown yearning
The rush of knowing it is possible has returned
Another time, another space and you are home
Be encouraged your wishes never left you
You let them go and they stayed in your heart
May your wishes be fulfilled.

What is true for you?

What is true for you?  You might stumble over this one as it is not often , if ever, you would give your self the time to think about it. You might think this is silly, you know it, but when asked it is difficult to put the answer into words.

Put it another way...What do you believe in?
What is possible....what dreams and imaginings do you invite into your life?
What does the gatekeeper in your mind allow?
What is thrilling or scary?
What do you seek out?
Who do you attract to your life?
How do you see yourself?
How do you compare yourself to others?

I write and coach to serve others to design their best life.  This is done through setting the intention and crafting the goals.  To experience this happening in your life you would include the step to reflect where you are at with what you think, feel and believe is possible...your mindset...how you see the world and where you fit.

You are starting at the wrong place if you charge ahead with writing out your goals and plans without mining what is true for you.  For your best results include at the beginning and throughout the process of goal mapping and achievements.

What is true for you is so very important.  It is important to know what will pull you forward and what could hold you back.  What you are prepared to let go and what you are prepared to allow into your life.

These kind of "look into my soul"questions tend to be put to the side, hidden yet always disrupting or distracting you.  I have found that rushing to script the goals and running to make them happen can be a minefield if you have not truly thought through this step.

Give yourself the time to know what you think is possible, what you believe about yourself and what is true for you.  Your perception on how things are meant to be for you is your gatekeeper to open up or close down your intention and goals.

Look at knowing your self better than anyone else is your strength and protector and fuels your intuition, your inner guidance.  Intuition practice will be your greatest asset for designing your best life.

Still having trouble with your answer to the question...What is true for you?

Habits are a good place to begin because they reveal a lot about us. When it comes to goals it will be your habits that will power you into action.  It is our habits that provide a mirror to reveal what we believe is true for us.

So, S.I.F.T. through your habits.

Select the habits you love and the habits you hate and why you do them and what is your argument for continuing to have them as your habits.  You are taking the autopilot off and finding out what is important for you.

Identify and write down the top 10 aha learnings. Writing THE list is the beginning.  Once you are done, you don't need it anymore. You are at the stage where you are knowing yourself better and true for you is now at the front of your thinking.  You are moving through discovery.

Find the small gems in your day that bring an instant smile. Those quick reactions to the smallest of moments reveal more to you and your truth.  Find the smallest of habits that you intentionally created and what is their worth to you.

Test out what you have discovered about what is true for you in other situations.  Are you open to think and act differently depending on the situation?
You may have played games and quizzes that ask you want you would do in a scenario or you have watched a reality show and have expressed what you would do if that was you.  Observe your words and thoughts for information on your perception and reaction to out of ordinary situations.

Your journey of self-discovery is always moving, never linear and always expanding.  We will spend our lifetime on this journey of discovery, reflection and interpretation. Is that true for you?

Don't fake the positive


When all is going well positive comes easily.  You know the genuine feel of positive and the ecstasy and strength of will you have when all is going your way.  When there are problems that genuine feeling of positive just doesn't bubble up so easily.

There is a feeling of fuzziness and lethargy hanging around you that causes you to question what you want & if you are in the right place. You can't fake positive, there is no benefit to you to fake positive.

When you are in a dark place, you know it won't last but you are there and you may as well make the most of the situation.

How would I know the light, if there was no darkness?

Your completeness has come about through joy and suffering.
In every situation fall back on that knowing feeling of gratitude.

Gratitude is the attitude for every condition and circumstance. 

Stretch your emotions, claim the attitude and use the darkness to sharpen how much you know about yourself.  Setbacks and despondency are all part of the mix, along with expectation and resilience to widen the life you are living and constantly creating.

Embrace each strength and weakness, each perfect and imperfect quality.  Faking positive when inside you are crumbling will not improve the circumstances.  It will only delay your return.

Evolving Goals

Your goals are points of history in your life.

They are created by you, they grow and change by your design and will become your past.  

Goals are the milestones in your story.

Look at the goals you create as the stepping stones you have placed down and can easily be moved and altered.  You created them, you can change them.

View your goals as always evolving to suit your present situation with the force to change your future and be a part of your past. 

Do not take on board that your goals are fixed points and cannot be altered because when goals are fixed and do not turn out exactly how you wanted, then blame and guilt are used to explain why you did not serve the goal.
The striving creates its own glass ceiling and allows in the feeling of never good enough, a fertile ground for feeding stress, excessive striving and anxiety.  

Let go of the grip on fixed goals.  

A fixed goal creates this spin cycle, a stagnant fixed point in time that will never be the right fit for a person who is always learning, always evolving, always expecting better.

Every day your goals can morph and create a fluid momentum, the words will change but the original intention has expanded. Goals are a tool for working towards being better.  You are not backing away from your goals, see them as part of your life and so are expected to evolve.  

Goals are meant to laser your focus to step out your first action, then your second action, your third action... The actions you have determined are fluid and dynamic.

Use action verbs to see your goals as a dynamic force. It is your creation and it is you who will continue to breathe life into these actions.  

When your heart is determined your mind and body will follow.   

Ask questions of what, when, how and why these goals mean so much to you. 
Your questions are fresh, energised and focused for a new day, new week, new goal ...

                What would you like to have happen instead?  
                What is it like looking back to the way it used to be?
                With all your new insights what is it like in the future?
                What am I now so grateful for?
                Who is the person I am willing to become?

Factor in the risk taking for your goals

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."
"I don't much care where –"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” 

  But....what if, you want to be better, to do better, to have better?  What if you do care where you want to go?

You will be inviting risk into your life.

Venturing into something new will always bring with it a risk.   Whenever we step out to design the life we want, when we set the intention and fashion the goals there is always risk.  The goals you create are meant for your self development and risk taking provides the stretch for personal growth and self respect.

How you view and manage your risks will determine how far you go.

3 Tips to embrace the risk

  • Do your Research
  • Prepare and Expect
  • Ride the Resistance


Risk taking requires research. 

        Fill your brain with knowledge because knowledge is the precursor to experience. Experience fuels your confidence.  Confidence grabs risk by the throat.  

         Risk taking is for the courageous, the truth seeker, the bold. Be prepared by giving yourself the time each and every morning to fuel these traits in you.  Find the quiet spot and fill your mind and soul with positive mental repetition of who you are and what you achieve. 
You are prepared, capable and ready for the risks that are there to take you where you want to go.  Not any way will do for you, only the path you have created and the risks you have faced will ever be enough for you.

Expect something wonderful to happen in your life today.

       Risks bring resistance and use this resistance as your tail wind.
Expect it and critique it.
It will come both from without and within.
      This serves to sharpen your focus on the end result

Take it as a natural progression that you question your decisions. You have stood up and chosen the dance of life and you will check your step, your motives to remain true to your intention.   You are moving in your right direction.  Even the small steps are progress, remember you have momentum.


. Mine  for  your resources. Risk first requires research.


What I Want Wants Me

Every morning I set aside at least 30 minutes for quiet thought and meditation, I have been doing this practise for so long now that my mind and body urges me to sit, focus on my breathe and be enveloped in quiet meditation.

I cherish this routine as it has provided a gateway into knowing myself better and to strengthen my focus on what is important to me.  The time out has helped me to limit the feelings of urgency, haste, confusion, doubt and build on the thoughts of safety, assuredness, direction.

So many benefits from doing this simple daily exercise and one benefit I want to touch on today is the friendship you develop with your inner wisdom.

Let's say you are ready to set up your goals, yet the patterns of procrastination and limiting beliefs in who you are and what you can do are a minefield to making your goals happen.  You think it is an easier path to invent excuses and apportion blame.  This small thinking is not the safe option, actually it is the more dangerous as you gradually separate more from your true identity and your inner calling.

What if you gave yourself ten minutes a day to not push or pull, to just sit and listen to your breathing?  So simple.

When you quieten your mind and close the door on the chatter, you enter into a friendship with your inner wisdom.  At first, it is awkward but when you persist, you become more acquainted, you trust yourself more and there is no space for rebukes, judgement and criticism.  The resistance is known yet not an excuse anymore.

Find your best time for 10 minutes, explore what other ways you can do to develop your friendship with your inner wisdom.  Soon finding the time is no longer an issue and you will expand your determination and focus for what is good for you.

You will reside in a place where you know that what I want, wants me and what I seek, seeks me.

I am not the centre of the Universe

What follows is inspired by Paul Coelho's words...

There is a challenge before you to change how you see the world.

When your perception changes from limitations to a perception of abundance you figure out that you are not the centre of the Universe, that you are a part of its rhythm.

When you pay attention to what is going on, it all starts to make sense.

Be conscious of living in the moment, soak up some natural beauty and treasure everything, see it as a gift.

What if these words taunt you right now as there are feelings of sadness or grief or confusion or poverty. You could be scorning the Universe for the situation you are now in and can barely keep it sane.  How can you treasure everything and see it as a gift?  When your every thing is falling around you.

If sadness surrounds you and all you can see is sadness and all you are offered is sadness.  What do you do?

Start with this...

Breathe in the attitude of acceptance and accept that this time will pass. It is a part of our life and know that it will run its course. When you continue to resist, it will persist.

This is the challenge you are called to take up.

Attach yourself to the belief that when you want something the whole universe will conspire to let you have it. This is your space and you are a part of its rhythm, its essence.

Take every moment you can to nurture this belief and be alert to the wonders that happen each day.
It is the small wins, the everyday thank you for who you are in this moment that will build your belief that you are an integral part of the rhythm of the Universe.

Love your story

It is always a glorious wonder when the intention that you have set develops and firms and turns into part of your story.  

You really do need to look back to see your story and how it unfolded, appreciate how far you have come. Give it the recognition and the confirmation that what you mapped out and the intentions that you set have come together.

You remember that day, so well when you set your target and believed that the intended actions you designed will lead you to what you desire.
You believed them to be true when you set your target but wait you do go through some tough times and here you are on the other side of tough , so sweet, when you have faced the fear and the challenges and are able to pull out the belief skills and strategies to come out and go, yeah I did okay!

So, when it is right in front of you, you are living with what you desired, it is great time for a celebration jig.....and away you go again, ready to set more and keep on strengthening what is possible.

How did I get here? Well, here is what I have in my basic life aids kit for strengthening what is possible.

1. Stock up on love habits

Some of our habits we just have and don't know where they came from but without much effort they have become a part of our everyday unconscious living.  Pull apart your day and fit in some habits that will make a difference for the better.  Start small but remain consistent until it is just the way it is for you.

Lean on gratitude as it is the attitude that creates a love habit and settles into being a part of your core.

2. Self love and personal strengths

Talk to yourself with love affirmations.  Be very aware when criticism and comparing come to your mind, as this is your cue to repeat your special love affirmations. Breathe them in and let the words settle in the cells of your body.  Be prepared by writing your very long list of your strengths, quirks and abilities, know them, add to them.

I am a perfect imperfect human. My fears work as a safety warning and when I connect to what I fear, I can soothe the area that needs my attention.  It does not have a hold on who I am or what I do. I am not happy all the time but I am resilient.  We all have many parts that make us complete....the light and dark, anger and love, sad and content and so much more.

Know yourself and allow self love to strengthen your resolve to remain focused on solutions.

3. Expand your understanding

Intellectual, emotional and spiritual growth is the essence of every desire you create. I would not be who I am without the great authors and teachers who have shown me better ways. The encouragers, the enablers, the patient, kind people who are devoted to bringing information and knowledge to life for me.  When I look back over even the last 5 years it is the books I have read, the people I meet, the places I visited that have expanded my understanding and challenged my assumptions and helped me create my intentions and path to goals.

Learning is a basic life tool that is to be encouraged and nurtured.  Don't take it for granted.

Are Vision Boards Useful?

If I cut out pictures that I am attracted to and then paste them on a board, do all those things then come into my life?  Can creating a Vision Board be that simple, or is there more to it?  Is the true purpose of a Vision Board just stories and wishes and hype?  Is it just an afternoon of craft for the bored?Vision Boards looked like a lot of fun but do they really really work?
 If they work, and yes I have a healthy scepticism here, I want to know why it works and is it right for me.  

Some of my questions were answered when I moved house recently and cleared out the clutter and  I found two old scrapbooks where I had cut and paste many pictures of things I liked and would love to have in my life.  They have been at the back of a cupboard so it was a lot of laughs to see what I chose about 10 years ago.
This is the strange part and it really made me sit up and pay attention. ..perhaps Vision Boards do work.  Most of the images I chose I now have in my life, not as the exact image but a very close replica, the places I wanted to see, I have been to, the type of house I wanted, I am now living in.
If that is how Vision Boards work it is amazing, yet a little hit & miss and if left as pictures on paper it can just end up as a forgotten wish list.  No harm in having an hour or two of fun doing craft. 

Yet,  if some came to happen then there has to be more to creating and sustaining a Vision Board.
It is totally accepted now through scientific testing and personal knowing that our thoughts become things and what we focus on we will attract into our lives.  
T​​he action of visualisation is now common practice, you may already do it, we certainly know it is a practice widely used by athletes to enhance their training and "seeing" how their actions lead to their goals.

 It is not a crutch to rest upon and go, well that is done I visualised how it will happen and it is so....visualisation is an inspiration tool to adjust your thoughts and focus your attention and belief.  You don't just do it once either, your daily practise is visualising what you want to see, how you want to act until it is so.

The act of visualisation helps you focus on what you value and what you want to see in your life.  

We are comfortable knowing that visualisation works and can put us in a place of confidence to step out and make it happen.  
We are in control of our own thoughts and when you have created your very own unique Vision Board, it is you who determines whether this is fantasy and pretty pictures collected as a wish list or there is conviction that you have put out there what you value in your life.  
The Vision Board with all the images you feel you want in your life is a tangible tool to aid your visualisation.  
When you look at the images you have collected do they make you feel excited, certain and inspired to action?   When left just as a pretty picture you may be disappointed with the result.  Visions Boards are a great kickstart, you still  prepare your goals, you still are open to learning and ready for challenges and changes.  You are still in control of your destiny.
An athlete just doesn't visualise, they still do the workouts, still compete and keep setting the goals to achieve their best.                      
  "...Action with vision is making a positive difference" Joel Barke
The reason you have a Vision Board is to help you formulate what you value most, it is a time for you to collate and organise how you see your life and to remind you of the conviction you have to make it happen.  

To get the most from a Vision Board ...start with intention, focus on your  purpose, see it as part of your preparation and use a process to create your Vision Board.  So there is more to it than simple cut and paste and when I stick to a process I know that as an inspiration tool they work.  
Vision Boards are useful and now  I LOVE Vision Boards.

When I hold on tight I lose my grip

We know that it is your intentions that will plunge you into creating your next big step and lead you to your vision, the goals and the planning to unlock your best future.

It is also where you can come unstuck and rather than focus on the intention we try to correct our motivation or how we set up our goals or any number of reasons except at the source.

Your intention comes from a place of knowing it is already here.  You are so sure it is so, there is no gap in your knowing for limiting beliefs or dwell on worry and fear to take you away from what you expect to be.

How do you get there?  

How do you create your intention with knowing 
it is already there before you have even started?

When I hold on tight
I lose my grip

When I wish for better
I see only what I lack

When I worry about what I am attracting
I miss the obvious

When I look to others to tell me my future
I forget who I am

Wishful thinking is child's play
I am blinded to see things as they truly are


When I step up and accept what is now
I am free

When I listen inside
I know the power that a thought can hold

When I create my intention with knowing it is already here
I understand seeing is believing and believing is seeing

That is when I am totally entwined with the reality of my intentions.
Certainty fuels my confidence.

It is the tough questions that will help you to reveal your honest thoughts and feelings about your situation.  When you are ready to listen, your answers lead you to strengthen your soul and create your best intention for you now.  Because.... that is what it is all about... creating your best life and creating your life in a way that honours you and is kindly accepting of you.

Here goes...Top 5 Tough Questions 

1. Do you deserve this intention you have created?
2. You know there are strengths and weaknesses in your mind and life, but will you do it anyway?
3. Are you worthy?
4. Are you so excited about it, that you are shielded from another's opinion?
5. Do you have a rightful expectation that you are intuitively guided in your actions?

On any of the questions, did you have a "no", a "maybe",  a "not sure"? 
One more question then....Do you still want to continue?

If yes, then the intention you have created will gather momentum and draw you into knowing it is already there.

How do small actions help?

I once lived in a small boarding house, it was only for a short period of time and I remember every morning , very early every morning I would be woken by the cries and shrieks of the three small children next door.   Mum yelling back at the children and sounding totally exasperated by the morning routine and the struggle with forcing her children to get dressed, eat breakfast and off to school.  Every morning this would be their routine. Every day starting with chaos. It must have been so tiring for everyone. There was no change in how each day started I even came to accept and expect it.
 It wasn't until I had three small children of my own that I began to relate to how your morning can start with chaos.
It was not something I wanted to happen in my home, I want to start the day with ease and preparation for the day's activities.


there it is!

One small action - you know there is better and you want a piece of that.  One small decision that can make a big difference.

When you know what you want, the next small action you want is how you will make it happen.

No big grand plans or talking about doing it, just one small action for change to how you want it to be.

What would it be like to have your morning routine full of ease, calm and readiness?
The benefits of sanity, peace, respect, remembering the details and lowering the stress in your home.
One small action can do all this.

One small action feeds into your habits.
Look at the habits you have created over time that are disrupting your peace.
Add an action that will transform one habit in your morning.

Remember, one small action makes a big difference.

When you first wake, what are your first thoughts?  Can you take one small action to deliberately think of a blessing you have, what a wonderful day it is? Deliberately think a happy positive thought.
Every day your first thought is uplifting.  A small action that moves your thoughts from dread to anticipation.

When you greet your family in the morning, is it with a kiss, a hug, a kindness? One small action today to greet your family with a kiss, a good morning my darling.  You are master of your time, stretch it, even when you are running late, stretch it to include everyday the small action of a loving touch. This one small action can lift the mood and willingness to cooperate.

You will want to create more small actions to start your day with ease and joy. Sometimes you will trip over them in the race to join the race. Pick them up again and know that the gathering of your small actions will turn into habits that transform your life.

Grand gestures, big plans, massive changes do make a big splash, lots of noise and possible disruption for a time. It is possible for a dramatic change to make a difference, but I have found for 100% guaranteed that the change I want to see and make stick is doing the small actions, the simple adjustments to daily routine that create the continuing ripple effect and that this effect will impact your life and the lives you touch.

Smashing the Obstacles

With all the self help books and well meaning guides, and all those positive affirming statements you soak in every day, that you would think okay now it is going to get easier.  My life will follow the easy path of peace and strength.  Then along comes something that just tests all your resolve and resilience.  It kicks you hard and you are searching for strength.

How do you handle life when there is uncertainty and obstacles in your way?

Right now, this is where I am at....and it is totally shitty!

I trust I did all that I could do..Yes I followed my intuition....tick
yes, I did the planning, did the work...tick
yes, I soaked up the positive law of attraction mantras....tick

Yet, here I am...the obstacles keep coming and I am worn out.

There is a spark of light still flickering inside me.  Like an ember if I gently breathe more life into this spark I can smash these obstacles.  I want to fan that flame inside me.

I am using these tips to help me through this time, I hope it is also of use to you.

1. Soak up the energy that you get from the familiar. It is the everyday routine that keeps you sane.
Stress has a way of keeping you stuck and inert.  I find the routine of my day helps me focus on staying in the moment rather than that quick trip to a future that, and if you let it, your imagination can make it look very scary. It is one of the more difficult things to do, to stay in the moment, yet doing the shopping, making the bed, cleaning the floor...all these jobs you have to do are a blessing when feeling overwhelmed.

2. Do the things that you can control and what you can influence.  Less mind training and more action.  Trust your inner wisdom to do its thing and go on autopilot. Action opens up optimism, ideas and resilience.

3. I find a shower with the water washing over my head is a cleansing for the soul.  Perhaps a few tears are in the wash, as well.  That's ok.  Sometimes, a song will come to me and there I am in the shower singing out loud.  The shower is a great place to exercise all the emotions you are feeling.  Yes a great cathartic experience.

4. Write it all down. Spill out everything that is bothering you, what is happening, why it is happening, how you are feeling....spill it all out. Burn it.  If I keep it bottled in, the obstacles just keep running around in my mind like some vortex to bring me down.  This way, it is out of me, it now has physical form and I can get rid of it.

One day I may look back and know that this difficult time has passed, it is now just a story. Another story to be told that the Universe has my back.  Obstacles, challenges, mountains whatever you want to call them, they do exist and I choose to be a conqueror.  The act of writing this has lifted my spirits and my thinking.  I can affirm All is Well.